PAGO "LOS VIVALES" 1/4 Queso de Oveja Reserva 750g

PAGO "LOS VIVALES" 1/4 Queso de Oveja Reserva 750g

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Made with 100% raw sheep milk, without any type of preservative.

It is a cheese with a firm consistency, with a natural, thin, hard and smooth honey-colored rind, which does not present much opposition to the Butter cut. Inside it presents a characteristic paste of a firm aged cheese, with some irregularly distributed mechanical eye. It does not have the roughness of an old cheese, but it does maintain the characteristic of our cheeses, that of melting in the mouth, even after maturing for twelve months. The flavor linked to the maturation time and the origin of our sheep's milk, giving a result of a strong, clean and aromatic cheese, with a long aftertaste.

From 11 to 14 months.

Raw sheep's milk, suckling pig rennet, lactic ferments and salt.

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