PALADIN Cacao 30 sobres x 33g

PALADIN Cacao 30 sobres x 33g

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If you have little time but you want to enjoy the authentic taste of the best hot chocolate, Paladín makes it easy for you. All you have to do is pour milk into a mug, heat it for a minute in the microwave, add Paladin, stir and that's it! Do not hesitate and try it.

Sugar, thickeners (E 1442, tara gum), defatted cocoa powder, aromas, salt. May contain wheat.

Nutritional information 100 grams
Kilosulio 1624 kJ
Kilocalorie (International Table) 383 kcal
Fat, total 1.8 g
Fatty acids, fully saturated 1.1 g
Available carbohydrates 85 g
Sugars, total, unknown expression 66 g
Fiber, total dietary determined gravimetrically by the AOAC total dietary fiber method 0 g
Protein, total method of determination unknown or variable 4 g
salt equivalent 0.38 g

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