M-XICO Ranchera Salsa guacamole 2l

M-XICO Ranchera Salsa guacamole 2l

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Excellent for nachos and any other Mexican-style dish.

Water, onion, tomatoes, green sweet pepper, vegetable oil (rapeseed), cheese, modified starch, green hot pepper, vegetable oil (coconut), sugar, salt, milk proteins, jalapeños, avocado powder, acidifier: citric acid , emulsifier: sodium polyphosphate, stabilizers: xanthan gum, guar gum; aromas, garlic, spices, colouring: carotenes (E16a), antioxidants: ascorbic acid (E3), colouring: brilliant blue (E133).

nutritional information 100 grams
Kilosulio 454 kJ
Kilocalorie (International Table) 109 kcal
Fat, total 8 g
Fatty acids, fully saturated 3 g
Available carbohydrates 7 g
Sugars, total, unknown expression 3 g
Fiber, total dietary determined gravimetrically by the AOAC total dietary fiber method 0 g
Protein, total method of determination unknown or variable 2 g
salt equivalent 1.9 g

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