LITORAL Callos con garbanzos 380g

LITORAL Callos con garbanzos 380g

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Tripe with chickpeas. Delicious tripe that you just have to heat and serve. Do it without your guests seeing you and they will believe that you have cooked them.

Sauce (water, Iberian pork lard, onion, salt, white wine, paprika, thickener (xanthan gum), garlic, aroma), beef tripe (22.2%), chickpeas (13.9%), extra chorizo ( 6.8%), (dewlap, lean and smoked pork belly, salt, paprika, garlic), pork nose.

Nutritional information:
Average nutritional values per 100 ml/g.

Energy value (Kj): 572.0 Kj
Energy value(Kcal): 137.0 Kcal
Fats: 6.8 g
Saturated fats: 3.0 g
Carbohydrates: 7.6 g
Sugars: 0.5 g
Proteins: 10.2 g
Shall: 0.85 g

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