AQUARIUS Limón 33cl

AQUARIUS Limón 33cl

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Isotonic lemon drink.
With mineral salts, it is a complementary sports drink, especially suitable for people who enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Its composition is designed to help achieve adequate hydration during the practice of physical activity.

Water, sugar, acidifiers: citric acid and malic acid, flavor enhancers: sodium chloride, potassium phosphate and calcium phosphate, acidity regulator: sodium citrate, antioxidant ascorbic acid, stabilizers: E-414 and E-445, zinc gluconate, sweeteners: sucralose and acesulfame K, natural lemon aromas and other natural aromas.

Nutritional information:
Average nutritional values per 100 ml/g. 

Energy value (Kj): 77.0 Kj
Energy value (Kcal): 18.0 Kcal
Fats: 0.0 g
Saturated fats: 0.0 g
Carbohydrates: 4.3 g
Sugars: 4.3 g
Proteins: 0.0 g
Shall: 0.05 g

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