RIOS Morcilla de Burgos cebolla. 330 gr.

RIOS Morcilla de Burgos cebolla. 330 gr.

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In this special recipe for Morcilla de Burgos RIOS we remove the rice and add a higher concentration of onion and we get a touch of sweeter flavor and a more delicate texture

Suggestions: fried, grilled, microwaved, grilled and traditionally cooked.

Onion (35%), pork meat and blood, salt and spices, made from natural casings.

Nutritional information:
Average nutritional values per 100 ml / g. 

Energy value (Kj): 1321.0 Kj
Energy value (Kcal): 318.0 Kcal
Fats: 25.7 g
Saturated fats: 10.8 g
Carbohydrates: 2.7 g
Sugars: 1.1 g
Proteins: 18.7 g
Salt: 1.4 g

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