LA DALIA Pimentón Dulce. 800 gr.

LA DALIA Pimentón Dulce. 800 gr.

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The pimentón it is a condiment in powder of red color and characteristic flavor obtained from the drying and grinding of certain varieties of red peppers. 

"Use the condiments and ingredients of La Dalia Pimentón and Spices in your dishes: made with passion by our family to offer the best aroma and flavor on your table. Our La Vera Pimentón with Protected Designation of Origin is still stone-ground. we have done since 1913. We are La Dalia, your pimentón for life."

Nutritional information 100 grams
Kilosulio 1225 kJ
Kilocalorie (International Table) 293 kcal
Fat, total 0 g
Fatty acids, fully saturated 0 g
Available carbohydrates 30.1 g
Sugars, total, unknown expression 0 g
Fiber, total dietary determined gravimetrically by the AOAC total dietary fiber method 0 g
Protein, total method of determination unknown or variable 15.1 g
salt equivalent 0 g

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