DELAVIUDA Turrón Chocolate Negro 70%. 200gr

DELAVIUDA Turrón Chocolate Negro 70%. 200gr

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New chocolate nougat with 70% cocoa perfect for lovers of the purest and creamiest chocolate.

Cocoa paste, sugar, vegetable fat (palm and palm kernel), almond 11%, cocoa powder, lactose, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithins soy and sunflower, defatted cocoa powder and natural vanilla aroma. Coverage: chocolate (cocoa min 70%). Can contain peanuts, other nuts and gluten.
Contains: Nuts: almond, soy lecithin, milk / derivatives

Can contain peanuts, gluten and other nuts.

Box 200gr

Nutritional information Average value per 100 gr
Energetic value 2433 kJ / 586 kcal
of which:
44 gr
Saturated 24 gr
of which:
36 gr
Sugars 37 gr
Dietary fiber 10 gr
Protein 8.1 gr
Salt 0.04 gr

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